To Dear Students: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Taking My Classes

教学 Teaching

1. I usually do not count class attendance as part of your course grade. That does not mean I won’t notice if you skip a class. Do drop me a courtesy note if you will miss a class or two.
姐不点名,也不把考勤算入平时成绩; 这并不意味着姐就不知道你来不来上课。你如果有事不来上课,至少给姐发个email友情提示。

2. I usually have a late submission policy for late work: a 20% deduction of grade every 24 hours unless it is medical or family emergency. Please do not ask for sympathy scores from me. That is unfair to others.

3. I grade very generously so do not come talking to me about failed courses. Work harder next time.

科研 Research

4. I’d be happy to advise undergradute student research, competitions, etc., if you’d like to publish your research, the better time to apply for it is before summer break of your second year. 

5. If you are interested in doing research with me as a research assistant, you need to wait until you have a light course load and be able to commit to at least 10 hours per week for a semester or a summer.

6. I am able to advise up to 3 undergradute theses each year. I work with students extensively, so if you are considering me as your thesis advisor, be prepared to meet every 1-2 weeks and deliver on schedule. You should think about publishing your research at a related conference or journal if you want to work with me.

学生服务 Student Service

7. I would be more than happy to write recommendation letters for those who have impressed me. I cannot recommend you or your work if I do not know you. I write my own letters and you will have to trust me if you ask a recommendation letter from me.

8. I’d be happy to help in anyway that is useful to you, such as commenting on a PS, career consulting, etc. If you need to meet in person, make appointments at least 48 hours ahead of time. I am not an expert on romantic relationships and related issues. Talk to your best friends.

其他 Side Notes

9. I am surprisingly straightforward, and I only say things that I really mean.

10. I never hold a grudge against students.